Flat profile – great lighting effect: the FLASHAAR MiniLine-2 system is the perfect solution for accent and decorative lighting and for staging objects and display cases. Its minimum cross-section and a range of different assembly clips makes it suitable for many types of recess- and surface-installation situations.

Covers with different lenses and characteristics are available to create impressive light impressions while the clear and unobtrusive design fades into the background.


The FLASHAAR MiniLine-2 system is available with round, rectangular and flat covers and with beam angles of 120°. A selection of lenses with symmetrical and asymmetrical beams is also available to choose from.

The range is rounded off by three cover colours and vandal-resistant versions (IK10++ impact-resistant) made from polycarbonate.

All MiniLine-2 luminaires are manufactured to suit your project – in accordance with the grids that are used for our LED lines or entirely cut to your individual requirements. A range of other options for special versions and finishes are available to choose from – from plug-connector configuration through PU encapsulation for providing protection against moisture, dust and mechanical stresses right up to individual colours.

Why not talk to our sales team about your individual requirements and ideas?

Special version for harsh conditions and outdoor use, consisting of IP67 encapsulant, polycarbonate cover (IK10 ++), metal end caps and IP67 connectors