NauticProfil Line: linear light inserts

Tried-and-tested in many projects: light inserts in FLASHAAR’s NauticProfil Line series create perfect linear light for a wide variety of uses. This versatility is achieved with the help of a large selection of LED configurations and light characteristics as well as with the choice of available covers and lenses. The light inserts in the NauticProfil Line range and the patented plug-and-play method of installation make it possible to realise lines of light that are up to 60 metres long from a single electrical feed.

We mainly use circuit boards for our LEDs that possess an aluminium core and that are populated especially for us in Germany. The use of aluminium helps optimum cooling to be achieved along with best luminous efficacy, long life spans and low failure rates.

The robust high-quality aluminium light inserts with optimum heat conducting properties also contribute to these features. We also operate our own encapsulation machine so that we are able to seal our NauticProfil Line light inserts and protect them against moisture, dust, vibrations and mechanical loads.

The inserts are also available on request with IP protection certified in compliance with DIN EN 60529:2014.


NauticProfil line light inserts

Cover & Lenses

FLASHAAR’s light inserts in the NauticProfil Line series are available with round, rectangular and flat covers, each with a 120° beam angle. A selection of lenses with symmetrical and asymmetrical beams is also available to choose from.

Different colours along with versions made from polycarbonate that are protected against vandalism (impact-resistant in accordance with IK10++) round off the spectrum.

Cover & Linsen

High light quality at an affordable price

The NauticProfil Line Sta. Maria-4 series is perfect for very high-quality contour and accent lighting. This series of LEDs makes it possible to realise lines of light in total lengths of up to 60 metres from a single electrical feed – and to do so at a first-class price-performance ratio.
Five colour temperatures are available to choose from.

60 m per feed-in ¦ 520 lm/m ¦ CRI TYP 93 ¦ 2700° – 6500°K

120 light points/m for homogeneous illumination

The NauticProfil Line Victory-4 series comes with 120 light points per metre thus making it possible to create absolute homogeneous lines of light with concealed light points – perfect, for instance, for coved lighting and wall washers on shiny surfaces.
The Victory-4 in a super warm-white luminous colour of 2,400°K is brand new.

38 m per feed-in ¦ 850 lm/m ¦ CRI TYP 83 ¦ 2400° – 6500°K

For energy-efficient and cost-effective lighting

The highly efficient 132 lm / W makes the NauticProfil Line Navigator series the first choice for cost-effective general lighting. The maintenance-free lifespan of 50,000 hours also contributes to the cost-effectiveness of these products. Sufficient brightness is achieved with around 1,200 lm/m luminous flux.

43 m per feed-in ¦ 1200 lm/m ¦ CRI TYP 83 ¦ 2700° – 6500°K

High luminous flux and excellent colour rendering

The NauticProfil Line Radiant series delivers up to 2400 lm / m luminous flux with a CRI of more than 90. This makes it ideal for high-quality general lighting in offices, retail outlets and representative spaces and whenever the colours need to be particularly brilliant and natural.

27 m per feed-in ¦ 2400 lm/m ¦ CRI TYP 93 ¦ 2700° – 6500°K


3,000 Lumen: as bright as economic

Our NauticProfil Line Nova-4, which is as bright as it is economic, is perfect for replacing fluorescent tubes in all applications where they were previously used: it’s great for lighting halls, corridors and staircases and supplies the light for all outdoor applications.
Long durability, low energy consumption and an optimum price-performance ratio also speak for the Nova-4.

27m per feed-in ¦ 3100 lm/m ¦ CRI TYP 83 ¦ 2700°-6500°

“Biodynamic” light thanks to selectable luminous colour

Linear lighting with adjustable luminous colours may be created with products in the NauticProfil Line Pegasus-3 series. The luminous colours of a warm-white 2,700°K and cold-white 5,600°K is perfect for light applications that imitate the progression of daylight and therefore follow natural biorhythms.
The luminous flux of 2×2,000 lm / m means that it may used to create bright basic lighting in hotels, residential homes and hospitals, offices and administration buildings.

STOP: Operating both light colours at 100% at the same time is not permitted! Sufficent cooling must be ensured.


Warm white in its most beautiful facets

More than just a pleasant light – the Pegasus Gold can produce warm white shades in a color space of 2200 – 3000 Kelvin. For a finely tuned feel-good atmosphere in restaurants, hotels, private residences and other places and places where a cozy atmosphere prevails.

The Pegasus-3 Gold is specifically designed to provide a wide range of adjustment options in the area of light that people find particularly comfortable and warm.

14,4 m per feed | 2066 lm/m** | CRI 80 / 90 | 2200 K + 3000 K

Pin Konfiguration Pegasus-3 Gold

Pegasus-3 Gold

RGB colour change and effect light

Effect light or decorative applications: the NauticProfil® Line Discovery-2 light insert with its RGB LEDs makes for impressive colour changes.

The special geometry and arrangement of the LEDs mean that it is possible to even render high-quality white.

The very small dot pitch of the RGB LED allows a homogeneous glowing cover. The Discovery-2 is optimized for combination with linear lenses.
The LED technology used guarantees that the colors can not break up in combination with linear lenses.

20 m per feed-in (dimmed) | RGB: 900 lm/m

Pin-Konfiguration Discovery-2

Discovery-2 RGBW LED-Light