NauticProfil System

The NauticProfil System – FLASHAAR’s core product – gives users the freedom to design with light: the installation profiles, lamp inserts, a range of LED series, optical systems and accessories may be used to create lines of light and individual lamps to be employed in a broad range of applications and installation situations. And common to them all: quality ‘Made in Germany’, uncomplicated planning and plug-and-play installation without complex wiring.

The assembly profiles contain flat cables into which the fully pre-assembled lamp inserts with their piercing contacts may be ‘clicked’ into place. Replacing lamps when necessary is just as easy – the different styles and spotlight adapters allow NauticProfil® to be adapted to changing settings. NauticProfil also makes it possible to install very long lines of light that require only one electric feed.

NauticProfil mounting profiles


NauticProfil S1 – the classic
The classic for long lines of light and filigree luminaires.
NauticProfil S2 – for MountingClips
We added a holding fixture for MountingClips to our tried-and-tested NP-S1 product.
NauticProfil H1 – bi-directional beam
Long lines of light with bi-directional beam for ceilings and walls.
NauticProfil H2 – eliminate glare

The front cover on the NauticProfil H2 is broader than that on the NP-H1, which helps eliminate glare.
NauticProfil R – drywalls profile
Perfect integration into drywalls and suspended ceilings.
NauticProfil I1 – integrated reflector
Indirect wall, ceiling, floor and step lighting may be easily realised.
NauticProfil I2 – fitted to walls and ceilings
The NP-I2 is a profile for attaching or mounting and was developed on the basis of the NauticProfil I1.
NauticProfil W – stylish wall luminaires

The NP-W the perfect alternative to coved lighting in drywalls.

NauticProfil Line: linear light inserts

Tried-and-tested in many projects: light inserts in FLASHAAR’s NauticProfil Line series create perfect linear light for a wide variety of uses. This versatility is achieved with the help of a large selection of LED configurations and light characteristics as well as with the choice of available covers and lenses. The light inserts in the NauticProfil Line range and the patented plug-and-play method of installation make it possible to realise lines of light that are up to 60 metres long from a single electrical feed.

We mainly use circuit boards for our LEDs that possess an aluminium core and that are populated especially for us in Germany. The use of aluminium helps optimum cooling to be achieved along with best luminous efficacy, long life spans and low failure rates. The robust high-quality aluminium light inserts with optimum heat conducting properties also contribute to these features.

Accessories profile systems

A range of brackets permit our profiles to be flexibly used in all installation situations.
Metric screws sized M 2.5 or self tapping screws with diameters ranging from 2.2 to 2.9 millimetres with a maximum screw-head height of 2.2 millimetres are recommended for securing mounting plates in place.

Brackets are available with and without angles and in different materials. The mounting clips with friction pins are protected against longitudinal profile movements and are therefore also suitable for vertical installations.